I. Purposes
The Folk Crafts Fair is organized at the Architectural Ethnographic Complex"Etar"with the following purposes:
  • to present the Bulgarian folk crafts at the general public, as thereby contribute to keeping the interest in them alive
  • to create conditions for presenting master-craftsmen from different ethnographical regions, as thereby helps for the knowledge of different regional traditions
  • to encourage the cognitive interest in different craft skills, connected with the all-Bulgarian and regional traditions and to stimulate gaining of craft skills among the younger generations
  • to help preservation and development of the cultural traditions under the conditions of globalization through pointing out the diversity and wealth of the regional and all-Bulgarian contributions to the all-European area
II. Tasks
The Crafts Fair will gain its purposes through:
  • creating conditions for temporary and attractive spatial opening of the museum that is to extend the possibilities and the significance of the museum. It may win recognition for the museum as one of the Balkan folk craftsmen centers that are developing in the proximity and in interaction with the modern industrialized and urbanized town agglomerations.
  • increase and expansion of trade and business activity of the master-craftsmen; through facilitating their contacts with the consumers and among themselves, as well as by encouraging the spirit of artisans' contest as an expression of the traditional craftsmen skills and a climate for professional success
  • developing of publicity of its own and enlarging of the own subsidiary stock with craftsmen samples by purchases or donations
  • stimulating working out of the problems of the crafts at the present time with a view to preserve the local and all-Bulgarian traditions by using appropriate scientific-cognitive structures and forums
III. Organizers
  • Ministry of Culture;
  • National Centre for museums, galleries and fine arts;
  • Municipality-Gabrovo;
  • Architectural-ethnographic museum "Etar".
The Crafts Fair is conducted under the aegis of the Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Gabrovo.
IV. Period
The Fair is organized on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September every year.
V. Location
Architectural-ethnographic complex "Etar"
VI. Financing
  • Ministry of Culture
  • National Centre for museums, galleries and fine arts;
  • Municipality-Gabrovo;
  • Architectural-ethnographic complex"Etar" and others.
VII. Fair regulations:

1. All producers of folk handicraft articles and all practicing home crafts have a right to participate on the basis of invitation, declared interest.
2. Nature of the exhibited articles:
  • The articles, with which the masters participate in the Fair, have to fulfill the following conditions: traditional tools and mainly hand technology to be used in their make; to be connected with the processing of the raw materials typical of the relevant craft; to be in touch with the Bulgarian traditional rites.
  • By rights the masters-craftsmen from the "Etar" artisans' lane are regular participants in the Fair, in their workshops.

3. Participation conditions:
  • The concrete conditions of participation are specified every year (fees, commercial area, discounts and other preferences).
  • The organizers cover the expenses for board and lodgings for five days to all participants in the Fair and the attendant events from foreign countries. The traveling expenses to Bulgaria and back are at the account of the participants. A guide is ensured to each delegation.

VIII. Advertising
  • A logo, a Fair poster, an honorary mark (badge), an honorary diploma, charters are being elaborated for the Fair.
  • A concrete advertising program is being worked every year.
  • Advertising -information center will operate in the days of the Fair. Its organization and activity are set by the Organizing Committee.
  • The Fair has a constantly up-dated web-page.

IX. Jury
  • The members of the Jury for the competition, including experts on traditional crafts, are selected by the Organization Committee every year.
  • By rights experts from the Architectural-ethnographic complex"Etar" are its members.
  • The Jury specifies evaluation criteria every year.

X. Awards
  • Great award "Silver Cow-bell", an honorary diploma, a cash prize and a right to a bazaar-exhibition at the "Etar" museum in the next year.
  • First prize-"For Young Master" -diploma and cash prize.
  • For all participants in the Fair-charter for participation.
  • For participants-demonstrators of home crafts-charters for participation.

XI. Organization Committee-memberships and rights
  1. Rights:
    • Elect the Operative Board.
    • Regulate the conditions for participation of the masters in the Fair (commercial area, commercial discounts, fees, and others).
    • Elect the members of the Jury.
      The order for the members of the Jury is issued by the Minister of Culture, in co-ordination with the Mayor of Gabrovo.
    • Ratify the organization plans of the Operative Board for the advertising program.
    • Set the organization and activities of the advertising-information center.
    • Offer suggestions for modifications in the present statute and put them forward, in co-ordination with the Mayor of Gabrovo, to the Ministry of Culture.

  2. Memberships:
    • Ministry of Culture
    • Regional Governor
    • Mayor of Gabrovo
    • Director of the National Centre for museums, galleries and fine arts
    • Director of the Architectural-ethnographic museum"Etar"
    • Managers of Tourist Agencies
    • Representative of the masters-craftsmen, working in the "Etar" museum
    • Representatives of related cultural organizations from Bulgaria and abroad
XII. Operative Board.
Its members are elected every year for each fair by the Organization Committee.
Basic Tasks:
  1. Work out and realize the organization plans for each fair
  2. Co-ordinate relations among the Organization Committee ad involved institutions, organizations and firms
  3. Maintain data base participants in the Fair